About Us

It is extremely important to your child’s education that he/she attends school on a regular basis.  Missed days can leave gaps in the educational process that may be very difficult to make up.  Please make every effort to help your child attend school every day possible.  If your child is absent/tardy, the law requires a written parental excuse, when they return to school.  Please state the date and reason they were absent/tardy.   Examples of absence/tardiness: cold, sore throat, upset stomach, missed bus, doctor’s appointment, earache, family emergency, etc.

If it becomes necessary for your child to be transported to a different location after school, please send in a note with the name and address of the drop off location, date, child's full name, teacher's name and include parent/guardian signature. Bus passes are issued for daycarepurposes only. We do not accept bus changes over the telephone. If you need to change your child's drop off location during the day, please send in a written note, fax a note to 844-3826, or send an email to the school office at [email protected] with the information. 

In the event of an emergency closing/snow day, announcements will be made over radio stations WHCU, WTKO/Q104, WKRT, WPCX, WCII, WXHC and WSKG and television stations CNYCentral (ch 3 and 5), TV12WBNG and WSYR Ch. 9. In case of an early dismissal due to an emergency closing, please discuss with your child what he/she should do if transported to home/daycare and no one is there.  Emergency School Closing forms should be filled out and turned in to the office each year.  The forms are sent home during the first week of school.

Parents are encouraged and welcome to visit their child’s school.  Visitors to Freeville Elementary will have an extra security step to follow before entering the building.  As you approach the main entrance, you will notice a doorbell mounted on the brick wall to your left.  You will need to push the button to alert staff of your presence.  Staff can observe visitors with a small video camera and also speak to visitors outside via an audio system. You will then be buzzed in and follow our normal procedures for signing in and picking up a visitor badge.

The Dryden Central School District issues formal student evaluations three times per year.  Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled in October and March.  Additional conferences can be arranged as needed.  Parents are encouraged to keep open lines of communication with the school staff. 

Freeville Elementary school has an active Parent Teacher Association.  We strongly encourage you to participate.  It is a great way to show your support to your child and the school.  Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m.  Dates are listed on the Freeville Elementary online calendar.

Twelve fire drills are held throughout the school year.   Children practice an orderly evacuation of the building.  Other drills such as evacuation and lockdown drills are practiced as needed. 

The school runs on a 4-day cycle.  The number day of the cycle is printed on the school menu.  If there is an emergency closing, the number day missed will be the next day of school and will be a day late for the remainder of the month.
In order to ensure student safety, the building principal maintains a list of individuals who are authorized to obtain the release of students in attendance at the school.  No students may be released to the custody of any individual who is not the parent or guardian of the student, unless the individual has been designated in writing by the parent. If the parent, or properly designated person picks up the child either at the end or during the school day, they are required to sign the student out after presenting satisfactory identification to office personnel.